Friday, November 16, 2012

Mature Hedera helix

 Although in some climates it can be a bit invasive, Hedera helix 'Goldheart' is pretty much well behaved in zone 6b. I have one in my garden that has slowly covered a large part of a west facing wall and never fails to attract attention from visitors.
After many years it has finally reached maturity and has gone through the transformation of form that is typical to this plant; as it climbs the leaves turn from being five pointed to three pointed and finally becoming elongated and arrow shaped. Also at this stage it produces flowers and fruit or otherwise produce congested stems of elongated leaves that have the appearance of an exotic parrot.
This metamorphosis only happen when the plant is able to grow vertically and will not happen when plants are being grown horizontally as a ground cover.

Leaves mature from left to right.

Only mature stems produce flowers.

Mature stems also produce these feathery leaves.

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