Sunday, July 6, 2014


It has been many months since I last posted here, and in that time there have been many changes in my life, primarily my moving to Montréal and giving up my house and garden in Toronto (more of this in future posts). The property in Montréal has been owned by Michel and myself for over twenty years, and so I have a great familiarity in both the house and garden. Although the garden is mostly Michel's work, I've had a hand in shaping it's design, both in the selection of plants and the building of paths and fences etc. 
The pictures below were taken when I arrived here at the end of May, the Alliums were still in bloom and the Rogersias had just started to send up their elegant plumes. There is much use of limey green in this planting, with Hakonechloa, "Tiger Eye" Sumac and Dicentra 'Gold Heart' all  contrasting with the dark green fence and giving a cooling effect in the hot Summer days.

Other outstanding plants this Spring were Clematis "Jacqueline du Pre"
and Acer   japonicum  'Aconitifolium"

Although they are almost the same colour, Dicentra 'Gold Heart' 
and this gold form of hakonechloa have completely different foliage texture
 end up making great companions.

A well established clump of Rogersia aesculifolia.


Paul Jung said...

Nice to hear from you again, Barry.

Wonderful pictures of chartreuse/lime plantings in the Montreal garden.

Don't see Rodgersia planted enough, nice to see your clump.

Alain Charest said...

I like the soft harmony you create with colours. No harsh contrast, it is all very peaceful - and beautiful.

LauraH said...

Yeah, your first post from Montreal! The garden looks immaculate and such lovely foliage combinations. Your dicentra 'Gold Heart ' looks so lush and healthy - hope the one I planted last fall will eventually look like this. And I seem to see some wall space for clematis....just saying.

Caerulean Skies said...

Hi Barry, Glad you're back to blogging. We missed you! Lovely textures in the garden. Looking forward to future posts.

Barry Parker said...

Thank you all for your comments. It's good to know that someone is seeing this post, and an inspiration to keep going

Anne said...

Great to see the Montreal garden Barry. I especially like the lime green; it goes with everything!

Barry said...

Few colours in the garden palate can come close to that of 'fabulously chartreuse!' Goegeous garden shots, that will your touch can only be improved upon even more! Nice to 'hear your voice' again!

Pat Webster said...

Welcome to Montreal, Barry. I wondered if you had changed plans. The garden looks welcoming and peaceful.