Thursday, October 24, 2013

Late Bloomers

We are in the latter part of October when the temperature is starting to drop and the days starting to shorten, but still plant life continues to thrive. Here are some of the plants that are now in bloom in the garden and greenhouse.
Crocus speciosus.

Haemanthus albiflos.

Cyclamen hederifolium.

Nerine humilis

Pelargonium 'Mini karmine'

Geranium wallichianum.

Saxifragia fortunii Pink Form.

Anemonehupehensis v. japonica

Erodium 'Natascha'.


LauraH said...


k spink said...

Hi Barry
Great to see your shots from South Africa - it's one of my wish destinations. Also love to see what's blooming in your greenhouse, especially the cyclamen collection. And this time a bonus sax pic! Thanks. Starting to get cold here. Have had one dump of snow, but I'm still watering the troughs.

Barry Parker said...

Hi ks,
Glad you enjoyed the S.A. shots. Cyclamen and Sax are among my favourites, so glad that they gave you pleasure also.