Saturday, January 12, 2013

Post Script to The Great Thaw

Two images I didn't include in my last post include Helleborus 'Pink Frost' and Hamamelis x 'Jelena', both taking advantage of the warm weather today.

Helleborus 'Pink Frost'.

Hamamelis x 'Jelena'.


Melanie J Watts said...

Wow. Spring is already well on its way and it's only January 13. Where I live it's still the depths of winter, minus 25C and 4 feet of snow.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Melanie,
Extraordinary isn't it? Now I'm waiting to see what happens when we go back to more seasonal weather.

Paul Jung said...

Well, it (the snow) was nice while it lasted! It's funny how we in Toronto are "suffering" from the lack of persistent snowfall while our friends on the Prairies and in the Maritimes are cursing under their breaths digging out.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Paul,

Makes you realize what a huge continent we live on.

Lynne C said...

Hellebores are the best, such beauties but so incredibly tough. I have a cultivar called 'Blue Lady' that I 'm very partial to.

Dale said...

Hi Barry

Would you please consider adding the feedburner widget to your blog so I can register for email updates when you create a new posting.

Note more and more blogs are using this feature because it is SO easy for me (the reader) to register for your posting updates.

Please let me know what you decide. Thanks

Barry Parker said...

Hi Dale,

I'm not sure what a feedburner widget is???
Can you give me more info?