Sunday, April 15, 2012


I'm no expert at this, in fact, I had to Google the term to make sure that I understood it correctly. So I can now say with confidence that Kusamono is the Japanese craft of displaying, usually small plants in pots to heighten their beauty or reflect a certain season.
I'm probably breaking every rule in Japanese horticultural lore, but I hope these capture some of the spirit of the masters of this discipline.

Ledeboria socialis

Sedum and Sempervivum.

Ranunculis ficaria with black and silver markings.


Søren said...

Last weekend as I was weeding the vegetable beds I potted up a lawn daisy (Bellis Perennis) for just this reason. It's such a pretty little flower. I might consider potting up some of the wild buttercups as well, to follow your example.

ecoman said...

really nice to wake up to this morning thanks

Barry Parker said...

Hi Soren and Jonas,

Glad you liked my little efforts. Check out : SHITAKUSAMONO.COM TO SEE HOW IT'S REALLY DONE.