Sunday, January 22, 2012

Under Glass

This has been an unusually mild Winter, but under glass it is even milder and already many plants are beginning to bloom.

These Narcissus romieuxii enjoy the cool atmosphere of the greenhouse and even though they are eventually pollinated and set seed, the flowers seem to last for weeks.

In the greenhouse the Cyclamen coum are just beginning to bloom.

This a promising sight, a large number of buds have been set on thee seven year old plants.

The buds have been sitting close to the soil for months and now triggered by lengthening days they are starting to raise above the leaves and open.


Lona said...

What a beautiful cyclamen. I love the leaves on that particular one.Have a wonderful week.

Garden muses said...

Hi Barry,

you're triggering some serious greenhouse envy! Please keep posting those indoor shots, we need as much colour as possible to get us through to spring...

Clement Kent said...

My greenhouse only has orchids and salvia blooming right now, but last week I had the first petals of Hamamelis and buds on snowdrops...making it the 12th month in a row when I had flowers outside. Love the narcissus!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Lona,

That cyclamen is a favourite of mine too. Both flowers and leaves are unique.

Barry Parker said...

Hey Paul,

Thanks for your message, I was beginning to feel a slave to the greenhouse and wishing I could take off the months of January and February; so it was good to be reminded of how lucky I am.
I'll try and come up with some more posts that give us all a bit of colour in these Winter months

Barry Parker said...

Hi Clement,

What do you mean"Only Orchids"? That sounds very exotic to me.
I noticed this weekend Hamamelis and snowdrops too, and the Hellebores are seem to be coming to life also.

Glad you like the Narcissus, drop by and see them sometime.