Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hellebore Sale

Today was the first day of our two day event Hellebores Galore. We had an unprecedented turnout as a large number of people had been alerted to the sale by an article in the Toronto Star by garden columnist Sonia Day.
She'd warned me that "if I put this in, you'll get a hoard off people", and she was right , so much so that we had practically sold out in the first hour.
This was great for us, but now I feel bad for the folks who turn up tomorrow. I will take their email addresses and hope to have more plants available on another weekend soon.

David getting the plants ready for the event.

Some of the plants we had for sale.

We had to use every available surface to display plants.


Garden muses said...

Hi Barry, congrats on the sale's results! It's reassuring to see interest in this genus, we'll see the mad rush for geraniums soon enough. Beautiful Hellebore blooms help the plants sell themselves too, lol.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your comment. I can't help feeling that the nurseries under estimate the interest in plants and gardening or the need for horticultural activity this time of the year. I just can't understand why they so slow in getting into gear.

Barry Parker said...

Hi BarryT,

I can't figure out why your comment hasn't shown up here, after I've tried to publish it several times.

I hope that we'll be able to do another run to the wholesalers ( Valleybrook and Connans) and have another sale soon, if only to satisfy the poor folk who turned up too late.

Where did you find 'Pink Frost' ?

kilbournegrove said...

Looks like you had a great day, sold out in an hour! When will people learn we want garden season to start early? We need gardens open to the public, showing off their early bulbs and plants.
How did your new galanthus do? I spied a large clump, in front of the wall in the first photo, but I think they were there last year.

Barry said...

I found H. ballardiae 'Pink Frost' at MoriStar Perennials. What was the selection like with Conon? I don't think I've seen them in their wholesale catalogue - though I haven't received my 2011 edition yet!

Barry Parker said...

Hi BarryT,

Conans was a bit disappointing,as a number of the Hellebore cultivars had been forced for Canada Bloops, and were now in poor shape.
Interesting to hear about Moristar. never been there... maybe worth exploring.

Clement Kent said...

Awesome first picture, Barry - I don't really like doubled flowers, but the starburst effect is really something in the photo!


Barry Parker said...

Hi Clement,
Never say never.