Sunday, July 11, 2010

Light Fantastic

Garden back-lit by strong afternoon sun.

Agaves back-lit.

Agaves under diffused light.

Today I opened my garden as part of Open Gardens Toronto from 1.00p.m. to 4p.m., and in that time only four people showed up. How was I to know when I chose this date back in January that it would also be the afternoon of the World Cup final?
Fortunately all four visitors were knowledgeable gardeners and I had plenty of time to spend with them all. Then after I closed up ( and after the game), four friends showed up with wine and food, boosting my numbers to eight.

It was interesting to notice that through the afternoon the weather turned from blazing hot sunshine to overcast to rain and finally to a pleasantly cool evening.
During that time, the garden changed with the weather, starting with the blazing sun back-lighting the beech trees and throwing them into stark silhouettes. In front of the beeches I'd arranged a collection of Agaves on a table in the centre of the circular lawn and they too took on a dramatic transformation lit from the rear. After the rain and in more diffused light, everything seemed more three dimensional and detail was more evident; the silhouettes had simplified the composition, reducing forms to two dimensional shapes that made it easier to see the structure of the garden. The diffused light, on the other hand, afforded a different way of seeing, allowing a greater perception of detail and three dimensional form. Both these conditions created different but equally beautiful points of view.


Barry said...

Your backlighting technique with the Agaves is stunning! I so would love to have brought the number to an even ten but alas, no rest for the wicked. Pardon me for asking here, but you mentioned in a recent reply about acquiring Acer campstre 'Carnival.' Might I ask where you were able to find it? I have been looking for ages. Even LH didn't have any when I was employed two years ago! [You have planted it, correct?] Perhaps a post on it..... yeah, I'm still in lust with it!

Is the Wiz said...

I'm reminded of a lighting designer friend, as we watched a particularly stunning sunset he said, "A lesson to us all, what you can do with two lamps!"
Your first pic makes me think of "The Draughtsman's Contract".

gardenbre said...

so simple yet so 'layered' ... stunningly beautiful Barry!

M. Lefebvre said...

I am astonished that no one has commented on these fabulous photos of the garden/agaves!

M. Lefebvre said...

I find it astonishing that no one has commented on these extraordinary photos of the garden and the agaves!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,
First of all, I'm sorry to have missed you at Little Tree on Thursday, but hope our paths will cross another time. I have two more Open Gardens in Sept and Oct, maybe you'll be free then??
I visited Tom Deacon's garden on Friday, completely blown away and unable to take any decent pictures.. fortunately I was able to find his own photos on your Shade Garden site.. thanks for that.

A. campestre 'Carnival' I got from Whistling Gardens. Do you know it? Darren has quite a few, they are small and expensive.. but had to have it!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Is,

Yes, it was a bit of 'Draughtsmans Contract' sort of day.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Brenda,

Thanks, wish you could have been there.

Barry Parker said...

Dear Michel, Thanks for your comments. Yes I have been having some trouble with receiving and publishing comments.. but I think I may have solved it now.