Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cyclamen repandrum and Family

Cyclamen Repandrum and C. balearicum

Cyclamen repandrum flower.

Repandrum foliage.

Cyclamen balearicum.

I've made frequent references to the cyclamen in my garden and greenhouse, and at the risk of being overly repetative, I have to make mention of the latest and last flowering of the season. Starting in late Fall with C. hederifolium and on into Spring with C. coum I've had an almost non-stop flowering of these fascinating plants, and just when I thought it was all over I noticed these small buds appearing above the foliage of a tray of plants. I'd forgotten about Cyclamen repandrum and it's near relative C. balearicum.
They are perhaps under-rated as the flowers are the smallest of the genus, but they make up for it by being very fragrant and by having foliage that has irregular speckling of silver rather than the symmetrical pattern as the rest of the Cyclamen family. Balearicum in particular has beautifully marked leaves and in one pot I have about 20 plants that need to be divided in the Summer when they are dormant, it's going to be a real difficult choice to decide which of these to keep as specimen plants and which to give away.


kilbournegrove said...

That cyclamen balearicum has very beautiful leaves, but so does that arum in your sidebar. I will have to watch for that variety.

Teza said...

You have no fear of appearing overly-repetitive when discussing this most beguiling genus! I believe it is C. coum that I have in the garden, slowly it is increasing into a nice little clump, but the two that you bring to my attention today, goodness me, and to think I just sent in my Spring order to Thimble Farms and did not have any of this genus on it. I too would be hard pressed as to which of the two to keep as the 'allstars'- I would go with both! Thanks yet again for these beguiling introductions!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Deborah,
Yes, that picture was taken in the Fall and I' afraid the Arum has taken a bit of a beating over the Winter ( perhaps a bit more snow cover would have given it some protection). I hope it will recover once this cold spell passes as it is supposed to be a companion plant to Helleborus x nigercors.

Hi Teza,
It's reassuring to know that I'm not boring everyone with my own particular passions, and nice to know that they are shared.
Perhaps it's just as well you didn't order Cyclamen in your Thimble Farm order because, like Hellebores, there is so much variance in individual plants, that you have to see them to be able to make a choice.
Deborah was able to choose some from my collection when she visited yesterday. Perhaps you'd like to do the same if you have the time in the next few weeks before they go dormant?

Dani Elwell said...

nice to touch base with today... i love it when you come into our shop. beautiful pictures. lovely work.

keep in touch.

dani @

Barry Parker said...

Hi Dani,

Great to see you too. I always enjoy visiting your shop. Drop 'round for a garden visit soon.

Sunita said...

Barry, I love the 2nd photo... it looks so delicate! I wish I could grow cyclamen in hot-getting-hotter Mumbai.

Barry Parker said...

Hi Sunita,
They are beautiful aren't they. Perhaps you'll be able to be in this part of the world to see them sometime.

sugerman said...

Oh Barry,
This is wonderful. To see these photos of your plants. I love being able to see them up close like this.
They're great photos of beautiful plants. Thank you so very much for doing this

sugerman said...


did i sign my name on the comment before. I realized that my google account just says sugerman. It's Jan writing.

Barry Parker said...

Hi jan,
Lovely to hear from you again. Thanks for the comments and signing up as follower. Hope to visit this Spring.